Bach Music Complete Edition. And You Get Two Precious Free Bach Gifts In Addition


The Bach Music Works Complete Edition. And you get 2 gifts. You have the choice of a total of 2 gifts out of 9 options. * = Please add S&H to the $ 119.00. The German Sales Tax is included.


Please check here, what € 119 is in Dollars today. Just click here. 

If you don't like all the data stuff (pdf files or audio book data) and you prefer the real deal you can either decide on the Bach Coloring Book and you get even three of them. Or there is our favorite Bach Bust, which is just 4 inches small, actually tiny cute and really beautiful. After creating the "Bach Biography for Children", we found out, that it is perfect for grownups too, if you decide not to become a Bach expert after your read. And it's your choice to get it with 19 music pieces of the master or with 66 music sequences. It's your choice. The "Old Bach Gesamtausgabe", which is 16,800 music sheets comes as a pdf file for download.


Are there any restrictions? Almost none. Combine electronic stuff with the Bach Bust and the Bach Coloring book. Order four coloring books instead of other options. However, two exceptions: You can only order one Bach Bust. Plus you can order only one "Bach Kindergarten Game".


The so called "Alte Bach Gesamtausgabe", which is the "Old Bach Complete Edition". Yes, you are right, it's the same name and is something really different. It is the collection of all of Bach music sheets, which were published in the years from 1851 to 1899. This edition is called "old", as a next one followed. And after that a third one. Of course, it is the gift which you can only get as a pdf download, not on paper. However, that is what the collection looks like, which Peter, my husband, photographed in 3 long days in Leipzig, Saxony, Germany. If you decide for this "Gesamtausgabe", you can still get 3 Bach Coloring Books.


Profit From an Upgrade of Technical Standards: We Offer the Latest Edition: The 2014 Edition of a Specialized Music Label

The Bach Music Complete Edition of the year 2014, that is 142 CDs with 1.228 music works. Plus the so-called "Alte Bach-Gesamtausgabe", which in English is the "Old Bach Complete Edition". Yes, it is confusing. In Germany we have two different expressions for both but people don't know the difference. Just Bach experts do. While the music sheets collection is gift no. 1 there are more gift options to chose from on top of this. First, there are 142 CDs full of music, the total works of 1,128 music pieces, which Johann Sebastian Bach composed during his life. The quality of these works on 142 CDs is outstanding: not just for the performance of the musicians but also for the audio technique. Most of the works are edited and remastered in DDD. Plus with the gifts that come with this purchase of the Bach Music Complete Edition, this will be a real and special discovery. Did you know – for instance – that the audio book of the Bach Biography Bach for Children – with 66 musical breaks – has a run time of eight hours? And this Bach Music Complete Edition is probably the only one where you can chose 4 from 9 different gift options. "Bach 4 You", or better, the Renate Bach Publishing House wants to excite you with the option to obtain the Bach Music Complete Edition with the "Alte Bach-Gesamtausgabe" ("Old Bach Music Sheet Collection"). It is a total of 204 hours of music of the Thomas Cantor for $ 119*, ( maybe, if you like it) the "Alte Bach-Gesamtausgabe" of the Leipzig Bach Society from 1851 until 1899 plus 3 more wonderful Bach gift are included. Where else could you find such an offer?! We know: "Bach 4 You", the Bach shop in the "Bach's Bach Mission" is the only place in the Universe. Since 2014 the releasing music label managed to optimize the quality even more and to arrange the pieces in a better way, so that the complete edition is spread on 142 CDs instead of 155 CDs. It goes without saying, that not a single piece is missing. And what the "Alte Bach-Gesamtausgabe" ("Old Bach Complete Edition of Music Sheets") really is, is what you can figure out now or later at the bottom of this page of my website. Shortcut to the shop.


It's True - Even Grown-Ups Love the Biography for Kids. It's A Really Cool Way to Discover the Life of Bach. It's Easy to Digest, so to Speak


A. Biography for Kids: Audio Book with 19 Music Works; Download* 

B. Biography for Kids: Audio Book with 66 Music Works; Download* 

C. Biography for Kids: eBook Version without Illustrations; Download*

D. Biography for Kids. Tablet Version as a Download

E. The Cool Joh. Seb. Bach Tributes Medley with Music.

F. The Necrology, Biography of 1750 with Music.

G. The Cool  Joh. Seb. Bach Coloring Book

H. 16,800 Music Sheets as PDF-File

I. Johann Sebastian Bach Mini Bust

Caution Bach fans: Three of these 4 Bach busts are no free gift coming with the Bach Music Complete Edition. However the small one on the right, it is our pet of the family so to speak, this bust is an option to get it for free. We discovered this cute fourth bust some 3 years after we found its big brothers on the left. We decided for those 4 Bach busts among many more, because the quality and the impression of the Bach face is, what counts most for us. So what about the following proposal: Buy the complete edition for small € 119 plus S&H, including German sales tax and decide for the miniature Bach bust, 2 coloring books and the "Bach Biography for Children" in the audio book version with 66 music pieces and a length of some 8 hours listening fun. Yes, all for € 119 plus S&H including German sales tax. You would love to know what € 119 are in Dollars today? Just click here.


Of course, you will find many, many more gift ideas in the "Bach 4 You" Shop. Many more than the 9 Bach gifts presented above. We are sure, there is a total of way more than 1,000 Bach gifts on several "Bach 4 You" shops, like Zazzle, CafePress, Spreadshirt and so on. Actually: Poking around there is as much fun as visiting my husband's website; "Bach On Bach". You don't even have to know what to look for, there you will find many a good idea and proposals, which replace a bottle of wine or a fancy bouquet of flowers, when you visit friends and want to give a little present. Another shortcut to the shop.


How Does that Work After All? 

One publishing house, one author and one mission. The publishing house, that is first of all me, Renate Bach and the name of the publishing house is to the point: Renate Bach Verlag, which is Renate Bach Publishing House in English, "Bach 4 You". However, our "mission" is my husband's as well, Peter Bach jr. and his project "Bach ueber Bach" which is "Bach on Bach" in English. Together the two of us have got into our heads to spread the music works and the life of Johann Sebastian Bach plus the knowledge about the famous family of musicians, with our common "Johann Sebastian Bach Mission".


Two creative individuals on the international Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team: Renate and her husband Peter Bach jr., who is related to the composer, at a somewhat far distance.


The Johann Sebastian Bach Dream Team: a bunch of artists, creatives, native speakers, translators and narrators – from Wechmar to Washington, D.C., from Kiev to Beijing – who support and help both Bachs dynamically in their mission



By the way: That is what the Bach Complete Edition of the Music Label looked like until the year 2014.


This edition is still sold here and there, even at a higher price. But in my shop you will only find the current edition as there have been many improvements made in the recording quality.

How High Quality Is This Bach Music Complete Edition and the "Alte Bach Gesamtausgabe"? Are They Top Recordings?

The quality of these 142 CDs with the music works of Bach is extraordinarily high. Excellent. And as measured by the price the quality is almost indescribable. It goes without saying there are music experts and music connoisseurs, who might like the Christmas Oratorio, the H-Minor Mass or a certain different work of the Thomas Cantor better when the London Philharmonic Orchestra performs it or is presented by the Thomas Boys Choir in Leipzig. However 99% of all Bach fans or potential future Bach enthusiasts will be extremely happy with all aspects of this superb set; the recording quality, the arrangement, the musicians, as well as the exquisite design and quality of the packaging materials. There are – on our Planet – many, many smaller collection of Bach music works – like Bach's cantatas or Bach's vocal works. And there are more recordings and more CD offers. Usually they are not better, but just different. But then you have to locate and collect them, that is to say to shop for them and finally the price tag is many times more than the Complete Edition of the Bach Music Works above.


No, you won't get 50 volumes on paper as a supplement. You get the room saving PDF. And yes, I know, I mentioned that before.


There is the "Gesamtwerk of Bach", which is the "Complete Edition of Bach Music Works" and the Bach-Gesamtausgabe", which is the "Bach Complete Edition" as well ( ... it's strange as in German you can't tell which is which by the name as there are two similar names, which actually mean the same thing). Both are the music of Bach. Confusing, even for Germans. That is what we thought, after we started to work on this particular website after three years with "Bach and his music". The bottom line? The "Bach Gesamtwerk" in German is the same as the Bach Complete Edition, that is to say a box with lots of the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. There are 142 CDs in 142 cardboard slipcases ( ... everything else would be too heavy and too bulky). It's different with the Bach-Gesamtausgabe. There is an "Old Bach-Gesamtausgabe" and a "New Bach-Gesamtausgabe plus into the bargain there is a "New Revised Bach-Gesamtausgabe". The difference is tiny however it's exciting only for real Bach scientists. This "Bach Gesamtausgabe" is the collection of all still existing music sheets of the music works of Johann Sebastian Bach on paper, published 1851 - 1899 by the Bach Society in Leipzig, photographed by my husband from an age-old historic edition, edited and as a result in a highest quality ( ... okay, there are some historic documents, some of them as old as 160 years with some stains and age wear, but nothing too bothersome). Today they are copyright free. 16,800 pages, notes and text – as a PDF of 300 dpi – it's about notes and text – on sixteen thousand eight hundred pages ... impressive! The difference between the "Old Bach-Gesamtausgabe" and the "New Bach-Gesamtausgabe" is marginal. However, not for Bach scientists. And I want to mention, that there are only a few note sheets with Bach's handwriting. Everything else is edited in 1851 - 1899, that's still historic enough, am I correct? The "Bach Gesamtwerk", the "Bach Complete Edition", the "Alte Bach-Gesamtausgabe", the "Old Bach-Gesamtausgabe", the "New Bach-Gesamtausgabe", the "New Revised Bach-Gesamtausgabe". Is it all clear now?


The "New Bach-Gesamtausgabe" was released between 1954 and 2007 and the price tag until the end of 2015, was approximately $18,000. Later, from 2016 and today it is around $ 23,000. Yes, you can trust your eyes, every zero is correct. The "New Revised Bach-Gesamtausgabe" comes into being right now: three volumes are already available, in the oncoming two to five decades the "rest" will follow. The difference compared to the "Old Bach- Gesamtausgabe"? Some estimated 2% of the notes are changed per edition ... – because science never sleeps. 


Very important and because of the nice cute pic above: This "Old Bach- Gesamtausgabe" is what you get with the purchase as a PDF file. So, it's not on paper, no CD, no DVD, no USB-Stick.


The "Alte Bach-Gesamtausgabe", Which Is the Confusing Translation Of the "Old Bach Complete Edition": A Few Examples, a Few Historic Pages


On the right sheet: that was Johann Sebastian Bach personally. Please don't blame us! How good it will be for you to receive these 16,800 music sheets as a PDF file ... that is so wonderfully room saving and you print yourself, what you need to make music tomorrow.


A composers calendar. It is permitted as an exception here on the page regarding the Bach Complete Edition. Okay, that is now advertisement for something which does not belong to the Bach sphere. And that is true for all 99 music calendars of the small calendar publishing house in Germany with the name of "Bach 4 You". These composers calendar with 12 monuments of the real masters of classical music is one of the 33 composers calendars, that "Bach 4 You" offers. 


The Bach beer stein. Better? The modern Bach beer stein, as there are two historical Bach beer steins as well. On the right side there is the 2020 pipe organ calendar, one of more as every a new pipe organ calendar is published and the pipe organ calendars of the years before are still available. You get to the shop here.






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